The Knife - Silent Shout   
CD packaging project
Music shares many common ideas and themes with the visual arts, e.g. repetition, rhythm, harmony, tone, shape, space, scale, line, texture and colour. In this project focus on these commonly shared terms to both the musical- and visual languages.

Create a CD cover, label, booklet and jacket. Choose a music group, e.g. Pink Floyd, U2, The Parlotones in which you are interested and very familiar with the music. The design must have a general all-round appeal to its listeners.

Designing a CD cover and label is determined by your knowledge of the target market and subsequently using innovative designs to attract these specific consumers.

Must have name of group clearly visible
Usage of Photoshop 80%; other 20%
This is a full colour print job
Deliver: CD sticker cover, booklet and jacket


I created an effect using text to illustrate the varying levels in depth and repetition in music. Different shaded letters come out or recede into a black background. A ghostly image appears in the unfolded packaging, but not the final product.
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